Stephany is the newest member of Admfg.  She is returning to the Midwest after 4 glorious years of living in Shreveport Louisiana with its warm winters.  Her husband Jon finished his residency there and is now working at the Mayo clinic.  They have been married for just 2 years and hope to settle down here in Fairmont.  With a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Art and Design she has a wide skillset and many tools at her disposal.  There are abundant possibilities so if you’ve got the idea we can build on it.

Your hobbies – building computers, painting, playing video games

Pets – Two cats, Ninja and V, and one dog, Bolvar.

Favorite travels – Anywhere, love to travel

Favorite books – Mystery and High Fantasy Novels

Line from your favorite movie – Shawshank Redemption- “I guess it comes down to a simple choice: Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

Favorite TV show – Food Network shows like Hell’s Kitchen

Most disliked TV show – Soap Operas

Things you love – My husband, family, friends, and pets.

Things you fear – Centipedes and the unknown.

Cherished childhood memory – Christmas mornings and going to Disney World.

Item from your bucket list – Travel to every continent.

A favorite singer or group you love to dance to when you’re all alone in the living room – Guns & Roses

The most unusual thing in your office - Me

A nickname - V

Something you collect – Statuettes

An accomplishment you are proud of – How far I’ve come from where I was.

Favorite outfit – Fleece onesie pajamas

Strength – Perseverance

Weakness – Getting up early in the morning!

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