Ruth is the main squeeze at the office. The woman in charge of it all. She packs the punches if we're not  in tact, well not really. She strives to be highly involved in the community and puts a lot of value toward the relationships with our clients. Her background in manufacturing is why AdMfg (Ad Manufacturing) got its name. Along with SewMfg, she's busy trying to run two businesses and maintain a social life (if there is such a thing.) In her spare time (yes, spare), you will find her riding her Harley around the states while the rest of our crew prays she stays safe. Spunk and creativity, Ruth spends a lot of time with her two children and grandchildren.

Your hobbies – motorcycling, kayaking, making a change

Pets – BluBoy, a parakeet willed to me by my Aunt Sylvia

Favorite travels – love to motorcycle here to there

Favorite books – self-help

Line from your favorite movie – Steve Martin  says, “the new phonebooks are here, the new phonebooks are here!”

Favorite TV show – Bachelor/Bachelorette (isn’t that just silly)

Most disliked TV show – NCIS, just too fake

Things you love – family, friends and I love color

Things you fear – living on the street

Cherished childhood memory – the excitement of when older brothers or sisters were coming home for a holiday

Item from your bucket list – no house payment again

A favorite singer or group you love to dance to when you’re all alone in the living room – prefer live bands

The most unusual thing in your office - kiwi

A nickname - Ruthy

Something you collect – bills 🙂

An accomplishment you are proud of – starting two businesses in the toughest of times

Favorite outfit – jeans and a t-shirt

Strength – connecting

Weakness – give, give and give

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