Michalia is the newest member of the team! She was born and raised in Fairmont and now resides in Truman. Currently studying marketing at Minnesota State University, Mankato, it became clear that working at AdMfg in marketing and advertising was the best next move.

Your hobbies – crocheting, home projects

Pets – Dog, Minnie | Cat, Nancy 

Favorite travels – Road trips!

Favorite books – Self Help, Education

Line from your favorite movie – "She doesn't even go here." 

Favorite TV show – anything that will make me laugh or cry

Most disliked TV show – The Office

Things you love – the little moments

Things you fear – losing loved ones

Cherished childhood memory – growing up with my niece, road trips with my dad, eating Godfather's pizza on the floor with my mom while a sad show was playing

Item from your bucket list – travel out of the country

A favorite singer or group you love to dance to when you’re all alone in the living room – Sheryl Crow

The most unusual thing in your office - sadly nothing

A nickname - Mikkie

Something you collect – bottle caps

An accomplishment you are proud of – earning an associates degree

Favorite outfit – jeans

Strength – positivity 

Weakness – wanting to solve all the problems that come my way

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